Are you a tugger?

To be a TUGGER you must believe in something and be willing to stand up for it.

Your senses are awakened to situations around you.The situation has a name and the results of the action taken has to be tangible and at some level, instant and gratifying.

We are a HANDS ON generation so we pledge to stand together, lend a helping hand if needed by our families, friends and neighbors in our communities or across the globe.

We use our social media to let the world know that if there is injustice, hunger, famine, world catastrophe, health problems or inequality. We will band together globally to lend helping hands. We can show the world that help can be rendered and injustice and inequality can be eradicated using our voices (our social media) to call attention to the issue. Instead of sitting around and complaining about the changes we need, we will “TUG” for it.